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 lemon chicken con fungi

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PostSubject: lemon chicken con fungi   Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:12 am

2 chicken breasts
1 lemon
1box or 2.3 oz crimini mushrooms or any common variety regular white ones work too
1 TSP salt
1 pinch of pepper

zest the lemon and slice in 1/2 squeeze the lemon in a container :: get rid of seeds::
sliver the mushrooms :: slice down kinda like the pizza look for mushrooms::
put 4 cups of water and add the salt and pepper, after it boils add the chicken.
put on simmer and add the mushrooms and lemon zest and juice.
simmer for 30 mins

take the chicken out and set on a warm plate

make a slurry called "Rue" a mixture of flour and butter or some kind of oil till you have the consistancy of wet sand.
add the remains of the chicken boiled material called a "stock" to the rue and heat it on low till you have a gravy consitstancy.

add some parsley and bam ur done!

this goes well with frest steamed veggies or maybye taters, use your imagination!
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lemon chicken con fungi
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