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 Indian curry chicken

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PostSubject: Indian curry chicken   Indian curry chicken I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 26, 2010 11:25 pm

This is my own Indian curry chicken recipe, got inspired by indian friends while i was younger.
Sorry, i don't realy know about the maesurements, i do as i go.

What you will need:

-About 12 half fist thighs of chicken
-Some olive oil
-A bit of butter
-A full bouquet of fresh finely chopped corriander (cilantro)
-About an I-Pod size of fresh finely chopped oregano
-About a Nano-Pod size fresh finely chopped parsley
-6 garlic cloves
-A whole ginger root (2 fists size)
-Half a fist size of fresh Indian imported curry powder
-Half a fist size of fresh Indian imported garam masala
-A Nano-Pod size of cayenne pepper
-1-1/2 cup of water
-6 or 7 green onions (shallots)
-2 full tomatoes
-Flour (optionnal)

What you will do:
Preheat your oven element between medium and max (frying pan on it) You will leave it like that for the whole thing
Put the chicken thighs in a frying pan all at once with some oil and butter, make it greassy or not, your choice
Let them roast untill half way done
Meanwhile, slice all the green onions into small ribblets, chopp the garlic and ginger into small bits
Add the water, then curry, garam masala and cayenne powder
Stir alot (if not thick enough, add a bit of flour)
Throw in the green onions, garlic and ginger
Let cook for about 5 mins
Put the corriander, parsley and oregano
Stir again
Finally, put the 2 tomatoes, each cut in half in, stir until they break up and merge to the mix
Cook and stir for 5 mins and you're done!

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Indian curry chicken
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